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Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents
Legal Guidance in Greenville & Spartanburg and Beyond for Victims of Work Injuries

South Carolina is home to a wide array of industrial activities, and many residents rely on these endeavors for their daily occupations. Although the state’s industries are essential to maintaining infrastructure, business, and transportation, they often pose severe dangers to employees working in these capacities. Knowledgeable work injury attorney Patrick E. Knie can help people in Spartanburg and the surrounding communities explore their options and assert their rights when they have been affected by an industrial accident.

Establishing Eligibility for Benefits Due to an Industrial Accident

The workers’ compensation system was developed to ensure that people who suffer injuries during the course and scope of their employment can receive compensation for their harm. State and federal laws require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance and to notify employees of their right to these benefits in the event of a job-related accident or illness. In exchange for compensation, employees are barred from bringing a civil lawsuit against their employers for on-the-job injuries except in a few limited circumstances.

If you have been hurt in an industrial accident, the first thing you should do is to report the accident to your employer and its workers’ compensation insurer immediately. The insurance company will likely begin an investigation into your injury and open up a claim file for your case. In most cases, injured workers will receive medical treatment for their harm. It is important to keep good records of the treatment that you receive, including the extent of your injuries and any out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred related to the medical care. The insurance company may also request that you undergo a medical examination by a doctor. He or she then will create a report detailing his or her observations and diagnoses. This report may provide valuable evidence in determining the nature and extent of your injuries, which may play a role in the duration and amount of benefits that you receive.

There are four different categories of benefits that an injured person may be able to receive through a workers’ compensation claim: temporary and partial, temporary and total, permanent and partial, or permanent and total. Each classification is based on two factors. The first factor evaluates whether your injury prevents you from working at all, or merely limits your ability to work. The second factor addresses whether your condition will resolve after a certain period of time or whether it is permanent and irreparable. During the course of your workers’ compensation claim, you may need to provide evidence that relates to the determination of these factors so that the judge can determine the classification to which your injuries belong. After your classification is established, you will be awarded benefits according to a predetermined schedule.

Discuss a Workers’ Compensation Claim with a Greenville & Spartanburg Attorney

An industrial accident may be a terrifying and unexpected ordeal for Spartanburg residents and their families. Workers’ compensation lawyer Patrick E. Knie and the staff at the Knie & Shealy Law Offices have helped many victims of industrial accidents navigate the workers’ compensation system and seek the compensation that they deserve. We also proudly serve workers throughout Union, Laurens, Greenville, and Cherokee Counties. Call us at (864) 582-5118 or contact us online to set up a free consultation today.