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Dangerous & Defective Products

Dangerous & Defective Products
South Carolina Defective Product Attorney

As consumers, taxpayers, parents and patients, we have consistently demanded a high standard of safety in the products and services available in our great country. As a result, we generally enjoy safe cars, safe work environments, honest lending practices and quality medical care. The court system is the watchdog protecting us from those who provide goods and services but fail to meet legal standards, causing financial loss, injury or death.

As a Spartanburg/Greenville defective products attorney with more than 35 years of experience representing injured individuals, I take tremendous pride in my work — not just in knowing that I am making lives better for the victims of personal injury, but that I am helping prevent possible future harm against people who are using these products at home and in the workplace.

When Dangerous and Defective Products Cause Personal Injury

At Knie & Shealy Law Offices, in Spartanburg/Greenville, South Carolina, I represent the victims of personal injury caused by unsafe products at home or in the workplace. These products have been designed, manufactured, sold or furnished by a person or company, and may be defective in several ways:

  • Dangerously designed
  • Defectively manufactured
  • Distributed without the proper warnings in place
My law firm has handled cases involving a wide range of consumer products — everything from kitchen appliances to toys to defective automobiles and safety equipment. Much of my work, however, has focused on injuries caused by defective equipment in the workplace. While many people think injuries on the job are only a workers' compensation issue, this is not true when it comes to products liability.

Make no mistake: Consumer products can cause injuries. I am familiar with recalls on products ranging from kitchen appliances and toys to automobile parts, including defective seat belts.

Workplace Injuries Caused by Third Parties

A big emphasis of mine is workplace injuries caused by third parties — for example, amputations caused by unguarded machinery. In one case, my client's hair bonnet got caught in machinery and it scalped her. A simple guard would have protected her. I have also handled amputation cases involving fingers and arms.

You may think it's a workers' compensation issue, but there might also be a third-party action. Talk with me and let me assess your case and tell you where you stand.

To build your case, I use expert witnesses where appropriate, such as engineers to do failure analysis studies to determine the cause of your injury.

Contact a Spartanburg & Greenville Products Liability Attorney

Dangerous devices and products can lead to serious injuries. I hold the manufacturers accountable by helping you get full and fair compensation. Contact me, a Spartanburg/Greenville defective products lawyer, online. Consultations are free and confidential.