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Bed Sores

Bed Sores
Nursing Home Abuse Attorney for Spartanburg and Greenville Residents

One of the most difficult decisions that a person can face is moving his or her elderly loved one into a licensed care facility. With all of the reports floating around the media about the harm that can occur in nursing homes, it may be difficult to know which facility is the best option and whether your loved one is receiving the care that he or she needs. Nursing home abuse lawyer Patrick E. Knie has guided many individuals and families in Spartanburg as well as Greenville and the surrounding communities. He can advise victims of inadequate care on how to seek the compensation that they deserve.

Seeking Compensation for Bed Sores Caused by Negligence

Since our loved ones often live full-time at an elder care facility, it can be difficult to know whether they are receiving the care that they need when they need it. Nursing homes are often understaffed and lack the funds they need to acquire enough nurses or equipment to provide each resident with the level of care required. In other instances, the doctors responsible for looking after the residents fail to provide timely care or misdiagnose a resident’s condition, resulting in the exacerbation of existing injuries.

Many of the injuries that nursing home residents face are avoidable and completely unnecessary. One of the most common types of injuries in a nursing home is bed sores. These arise when the victim is left lying in the same position for an extended period of time. When certain areas of the skin are deprived of airflow and proper circulation, the skin responds by creating a painful and sometimes deep sore on the body.

We trust nursing homes to provide our loved ones with the care they cannot provide for themselves. As a result, health care professionals who work at nursing homes owe our loved ones a duty to provide the care and safety they need on a daily basis. Any nursing home facility that fails to provide a resident with the care, attention, medication, and medical diagnosis that he or she needs has breached this duty of care. To avoid bed sores, nursing home caregivers must rotate patients who are bedridden on a regular basis and routinely check patients to identify any areas in which bed sores have started to form. If a nursing home resident or a loved one bringing a lawsuit on his or her elderly relative’s behalf can show that the nursing home’s negligence caused the resident’s injuries, the nursing home likely will be required to compensate the resident for his or her damages.

Explore Your Options With an Injury Lawyer in Spartanburg or Greenville

At the Knie & Shealy Law Offices, we work diligently to hold facilities accountable for failing to provide the basic care and attention that elderly residents need. Nursing home abuse is a painful experience for the victim, and it is also a stressful experience for the victim’s loved ones. Dedicated injury attorney Patrick E. Knie can assist residents of Spartanburg and Greenville with establishing their case and pursuing the compensation that they deserve. We also represent people in communities throughout Laurens, Greenville, Union, and Cherokee Counties. Call us at (864) 582-5118 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.